NAVIGAR Spółka z Ograniczoną
Odpowiedzialnością Spółka
ul. Heyki nad Kanałem Zielonym
70-631 Szczecin

telefon: (+48 91) 462-38-99, (+48 91) 350-71-79
fax: (+48 91) 462-37-73


The Company

Activity, flexibility, ability to easily adjust to new situations constitute the greatest advantages of Navigar.


• Great experience in river vessels exploitation
• Proper documents which enable us to navigate in the European Union
• Good navigation equipment and, after renovation, good social conditions for the crew
• Stabilised staff (no staff rotation)
• Members of the crews have required qualifications confirmed with certificates and patents
• Highly experienced officers of inland navigation are in charge of the vessels
We are not afraid of any challenges or orders

The Company has existed since 1995

Since then we have transported heavy construction elements - transport in the directions:

Opole - Szczecin, Hamburg, Duisburg
Szczecin - Poznań, Hamburg, Bremerhaven

Because of very good manoeuvrability of the pushboats (hydraulic jet propulsion) we are often hired for all hydrotechnical works. We participated in, among others, building of Nowoclowy bridge (Szczecin).

We transport bridge sections to the Wolin Island. The Company gains more and more contracts for transport of specialistic loads in Western European waters.